Onsite Services                                                                                                                                                                                      

With our OnSite Services, you can obtain Rockwell Automation field support engineers to help your maintenance staff increase uptime and optimize equipment performance.

Available on an as-needed, scheduled, or full-time basis, we help you meet your specific needs throughout the lifecycle of your maintenance strategy.
      • Embedded engineering
      • Migrations & conversions
      • Preventive maintenance
      • Startup & commissioning

Migrations and Conversions-

 i. Migration
- Depending upon the technically viable and cost effective solutions, one can migrate from Programmable Logic Controllers to Programmable Automation Controllers. This migration depends upon the number of inputs and outputs involved in the sequential operation of a process and also on the type of network involved. The criticality of the process determines whether we should go for cold standby PACs or hot backup PAC system.

 ii. Conversion- Complete Legacy DCS Conversion Project Delivery Services:

      • Graphics Conversion Services
      • Legacy Console Replacement (Database Conversion)
      • Legacy Controller Replacement (IO Scanners)
      • Legacy IO Replacement (Custom Cables to Field Termination Units)
      • Migration Planning and Analysis
      • Configuration Conversion
      • Advanced Control
      • Retrofit/Migration Engineering
      • Project Management
      • HW/SW Integration
      • Factory Acceptance Testing
      • Documentation
      • System Training
      • Long Term Support
      • Startup Assistance
      • Installation

Preventive Maintenance- Maintenance is a subject of total importance to any equipment-Oriented, organization. Maintenance is indeed in separately linked to mechanism, automation and industrial growth. Maintenance assumes a still greater significance in developing countries where a vast amount of costly and sophisticated equipment is imported. Prolonging the life of such automated products/systems can be a major revenue saver for the industry. We have been providing preventive maintenance services to keep their automation task proceed with hindrance. Preventive maintenance includes systematic inspection, detection and correction of impending failure before they develop into major defects.

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