Established in the year 1987 with a small team of experienced technocrats to provide solution to customers for their upkeep of electronics equipment. Subsequently migrated to in-house development & manufacturing of Analog DC Drive of Mining Industries & diverse range of electronics devices for industrial application.

  In the year 1996 we joined hands with Rockwell Automation, having diverse and extensive product portfolio, with an objective to provide Automation Solution to the customers.  We have nearly 15 years of experience in System Design, Panel Manufacturing, installation and communication of Automation Systems i.e. concept to commissioning of any industrial Application with growing team of dedicated Engineers. We have in-house design & manufacturing capabilities of PLC Panel, Drive Panel, Intelligent MCC, PCC, Control Desk etc. We have vast experience in executing Projects for Industrial Automation & Electrical Systems for Metal, Power, Mining, Material Handling, Coal Washeries, Refineries, Cement, Process Plants & others.

   From the very beginning we have strived to maintain a high level of technical integrity by leveraging our core competence to come up to the expectation of the customers in terms of deliverables  and services. We have supported the customers to ensure uptime of their equipments with the help of a dedicated team of Service Engineers. We have got the sole objective of minimizing the downtime and improving the comfort level of the end users. Our customers have got immense faith in our capabilities to deliver and have repeatedly reposed their confidence in us resulting in loyal and satisfied client base.

            Success Story With Rockwell Solution


  • Bokaro Steel Plant is a subsidiary of M/s Steel Authority of India Ltd., a pioneer in the field of Iron & Steel.
  • Bokaro Steel Plant is hailed as the country’s first Swadeshi Steel Plant.
  • Some of the major products produced by Bokaro Steel Plant are
  • Hot Rolled Coils
  • Hot Rolled Plates
  • Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Cold Rolled Coils
  • Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Tin Mill Black Plates (TMBP)
  • Galvanized Plain and Corrugated (GP/GC) Sheets


  • For their Bell Annealing Furnace, M/S Bokaro Steel Plant desired the system to be operated in two different levels.
  • Level-I to be comprised of PLC/PAC based controlled system for interfacing of field parameters and processing.
  • Level-II to be comprised of an expert system providing an interface to the operator & auto set point generation of heating & soaking profiles based on various coil parameters.
  • PLC/PAC System should control, predicted RAMP-SOAK profile temperatures within +/- 1% accuracy.
  • PLC/PAC system should also monitor Status of Base & Combustion Fans, Completion of Heating & Cooling Cycle at Base, Readiness of Base for loading & unloading
  • Auto control of Annealing cycle based on grade, size, guage, weight etc. of steel sheets.
  • Precise temperature control in heating & soaking profile through electrical actuators.
  • Requirement of approx. 100 pulse PID loops & 10 nos. Flow loops.


  • Huge savings in Fuel (Gas) consumption of Furnace.
  • System implemented in the running plant without any special shutdown.
  • Based on the performance of first system, Control Logix System has been implemented by us for all three Bell Annealing furnaces of Bokaro Steel Plant.
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